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Screw Presenter, Adjustable Rail 1.0-5.2mm
Screw Presenter, Adjustable Rail 1.0-5.2mm
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11.28.17 *New Screwdrivers Added to Catalog*
Click here to view the new ESB8 series of cordless inline screwdrivers or click here to view the new CESPT8 series of high-torque pistol grip tools.
2.10.16 *We are in the March Issue of the Assembly Magazine*
Check out the "How to Guide" Digital Edition Here: LINK
"How To Add Cost-Effective Error Proofing to your Screwdriving Application""How to add Cost-Effective Error-Proofing to your Screwdriving Application"
2.2.16 *4-Pack Bundle Promo*
New 4-Pack Bundle PROMO - Offering Great Savings and Value! Discover our Exclusive Promotions available to you. Click here to visit our Promotions Page!
01.19.16. *NEW* Twitter Account
Delta Regis Tools is excited to announce the launch of our  Twitter Account. Please follow @DeltaRegisTools to stay up to date with the latest news and information on our Tools and Products!
12.16.15 -*Happy Holidays*
Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year! Stay up-to-date on New Product Releases for 2016.
11.05.15 -*New* DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester
Now Introducing the NEW DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester. Various models covering a range of 0.11Nm-135Nm.
Click here to view more information.
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PDF Catalog Information

Our latest Catalog includes many new Delta Regis Products. Please follow the PDF links below to view the complete catalog or individual product groups.

  Delta Regis 2015 Catalog (complete - 3.2 Mb)

Screwdrivers and Controllers

 18V Cordless Brushless Series | Torque Range 9 - 194 in.lbs (1 - 22 Nm)
[German] [Spanish]
ESB6-8 / ESB6-12 / ESB6-15 / ESB6-22
ESB6-X3.5 / ESB6-X3.5F / ESB6-X6 / ESB6-X5F
ESB6-X9 / ESB6-X12

 12VDC Premium Brushless Series | Torque Range 0.07 - 3.08 in.lbs (0.01 - 0.343 Nm)
[German] [Spanish]
ESL210(S)-ESD / ESL211(S)-ESD

  32VDC Premium Brushless Series | Torque Range 0.2 - 26.0 in.lbs (0.02 - 2.94 Nm)
[German] [Spanish]
CESL824(P)(F)-ESD / CESL827(P)-ESD

  40VDC Premium Brushless Series | Torque Range 8.9 - 212.0 in.lbs (0.98 - 24.0 Nm)
[German] [Spanish]
CESP835(SQ)/CESP845(SQ)/CESP855(SQ)/ESL865(SQ)/ CESL935(F)(P)/CESL945(P)/CESL955(P)

 32VDC Standard Brush Series | Torque Range 0.2 - 39.0 in.lbs (0.02 - 4.4 Nm)
[German] [Spanish]

  120V/220V AC Direct Plug-In, Shut-off Clutch | Torque Range 1.8 - 39.0 in.lbs (0.20 - 4.41 Nm)
[German] [Spanish]

  120V AC Economy Direct Plug-In, Slip Clutch | Torque Range 0.44 - 39.0 in.lbs (0.05 - 4.41 Nm)
[German] [Spanish]

  Manual Torque Screwdrivers, Adjustable and Preset | Torque Range 1.25 - 50.0 in.lbs (0.14 - 6.0 Nm)


  Tool Supports, Balancers, and Torque Arms

  DRFF Screw Feeder, Adjustable Rail

  DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester

  Vacuum Pick-Up Attachment


  Electric Screwdriver Features

  Electric Screwdriver Selection Chart

  Torque Reference Info


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