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Cordless Electric Screwdriver, 1 - 3.5 Nm, 2000 / 1300 RPM
Cordless Electric Screwdriver, 1 - 3.5 Nm, 2000 / 1300 RPM
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10.01.14 - The Assembly Show
Come visit our booth 1633 where you can experience our electric screwdrivers, torque measurement equipment and assembly related accessories first hand
05.05.14 - CESL8 Series Info
All new CESL8 Series Torque Controlled Brushless Electric Screwdrivers catalog pages are now available - Click here to view
03.25.14 - All New CESL8 Series
Soon to be released CESL8 Series Brushless Electric Screwdrivers and Controllers offer increased
functionality for drivers that are paired with Count-Verify Controllers and I/O Modules. Click here to see the upgrades.
02.14.14 - *NEW* 18V Cordless Drivers
Introducing the all new ESB6 Series 18V Cordless Electric Screwdrivers with Brushless Motors. Eliminate annoying cables from your work space and add full mobility with Delta Regis Cordless Electric Screwdrivers! Torque range covers 3.5 - 22 Nm. Models available with external or internal torque adjustment. Click here to see which model meets your needs.
12.17.13 - Drivers with Built-In Count/Verify
Delta Regis ICESL Drivers add COUNT/VERIFY functionality to our Premium DC Brushless Shut-off Clutch Screwdrivers. Click here for further details on ICESL Series.
09.21.12 - 40V Brushless Electric Screwdriver Models
Our 40V Brushless Series Electric Drivers are currently being updated with many new model numbers. The new models offer wider torque capability from a single tool and increase the maximum torque range of the product line to 18 Nm.
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Delta Regis has been providing production assembly facilities with Electric Screwdrivers for more than fifteen years. Our precise torque shut-off clutch electric screwdrivers, along with our economical ratchet clutch drivers, are capable of meeting the needs of various product manufacturing sectors. In recent years, the Delta Regis Screwdriver product line (and available torque range) has grown dramatically through the coupling of brushless electric motors with proven mechanical clutch technology.


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We invite you to visit us at our booth 1633
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